the fools have arisen again!

rubbish planet

“gimme more toxics” screams the river
“you’re gonna die on this rubbish planet!”

a life in rigorism

a life in rigorism
a life conducted by ideals
that became dusty ages ago
hypocritical propriety and fucked up morals
self-obligated pain
automasochism as an anchor
for your weak mind and rotten thoughts
a life in rigorism
the fools have arisen again!

controlled by fear

light gives birth to cold shadows
all our imaginations gone forever
uninterrupted the voice is in your head
the eyes are blind, you’re controlled by fear
you are - controlled - by fear
a puppet that kills and cheats on command
holy crusades in the name of light
millions of murdered heathens mark the way
countless defrauded people, punished with “civilisation”
we must - control - ourselves
it’s the fear of god that makes them obey
whilst the holy ones stab them in their backs

prisoner of your ideals

you’re a prisoner of your ideals
just a prisoner of your materialistic ideals
you’re a prisoner of your worthless ideals

first class people

first class people, better than the mob
first class people, “more equal” than others!
see them sit in their first class cabins
painted faces, smiling at those “lower” people
feeling so safe, setting themselves apart
tell me, who rules the world?
first class people, greedy brainless bastards
first class people, the first to go!

locked away

did things he should not have done and now he really regrets!
walls all around him, he knows he never gonna leave the room until he’s dead
so he’s the fool, he’s got to pay, for the faults in our society
no rehabilitation, just pain and disgust.
is he locked away from us or are we locked away from him?

my hands deep in your guts

it was so easy to do, and now
i’ve got my hands deep in your guts

i've seen

sitting here, staring at my blood covered hands
thinking of nothing but what i’ve seen
so I went out again, tried to forget for an instance
grabbed my victim, my work was about to begin
why me? what did I do wrong? i’ve seen
i now fight the will in me that wants me to do it again
know that i must stop but it’s a senseless trial
cause in the end it will overcome me and i’m gonna lose
and then i’m out there again. why? cause i’ve seen…


heut hab ich wieder mal eine gesehen
oh wie vornehm sie doch gehen
nerze, biber und sogar tiger
müssen dran glauben, oh wie ist’s mir zuwider!
alte weiber die kaum mehr atmen
nachher gibt’s dann noch nen fetten braten
unschuldige tiere erleiden tod und pein
ach ihr fotzen, wie ist euer verstand doch klein!

pneumatic slaughter

stereotype killing, screaming animals
terrified eyes, uncontrolled movements
now he’s pushing the button
they’re at the end of the way
to the pneumatic slaughter

raise the siege

please raise the siege
you’re not gonna win
my mind’s mine, so raise your mental siege
i’m not gonna let you in!

running through the blood

the gun in his hands he starts to run
his mind is blank, survival of the fittest
but then the pictures reach his brain
he’s breathing quicker as he keeps one bullet for himself
when he was running through red rivers of blood

the two sides of the coin

the coin has got two different sides
the one with our laughing western society
on the other, death and starvation are grinning at you!
it’s so difficult to do things right, so you say
fatten the ones, starve the others
if only both sides gained the same value

trouble maker

causing trouble’s all you do
we don’t fucking need you
you are raping our scene
man you are so gawddamn lame
trouble maker


give me absolution, for what my weak flesh has done
please let me live in peace again - i’ll pay every price for absolution!

under the chainsaw

on our knees we’re living our lives
compressed in social forces
it’s like living under a chainsaw:
you arise - you get killed!

which way

which one leads to our freedom
and which one keeps us where we are?
how will we ever know which way to go
when we sit back and resign?

thy beauty

wisdom and knowledge won’t fit in the same frame,
as truth is captured in a constant change
green to your eyes, red to mine, your mind will understand what mine never can
is it a physical non-compatibility or your much praised “individuality”?
wrong or right, truth or lie, wind or sea, earth or sky?
green to your eyes, red to mine. gold to your belief but silver to mine
your mind will understand what i never can
knowledge i welcome, knowledge you ban
wrong or right, truth or lie, wind or sea, earth or sky?

world under my fingernail

there are these days in my life when i’d rather disappear,
my eyes don’t see no good and my mind is about to explode
oh why can’t i live another life far away on a distant planet?
where everything would be right and nothing could do me harm?
i know there’s a world - under my fingernail, a world i will never get to see
right under my fingernail, because I myself am trapped - under a fingernail
and my dreams dream silently on - under my fingernail
world under my fingernail, where my dreams are reality
world under my fingernail - why can’t I live another life?


pump your body full with medicines, a pill for this and a pill against that.
raise chemical walls up around you as you will, make yourself fit for the daily competition. rat race in a rat maze - pharmageddon pharmageddon
until even your remainings will be toxic.

millions of years of communality selection brought the life-forms to where they are. evolution is not the fastest way and however many rejects it created, the system always worked. development through accomodation on natural data was what made a microbe become a homo erectus. but it seems like evolution eliminated itself when the 20th century curse called “civilisation” caused an intraspecific selection, which in our first world countries made it possible to control all of the natural hazards that would keep our numbers down and thereby create the law of the asphalt jungle: do anything to make money, exploit others and destroy that which has no commercial value (but in fact is the only thing that counts), kill for it, betray, lie, steal - but just get it. what has been left of our environment is constantly fighting for its existence, so the time we live in can be called Pharmageddon, the time that will set an end to everything and thereby will gain another chance to practice the rules of evolution. for better, i hope.

1000 ways to die

you make me sick, you really do, it’s hard to explain what i want to do
but i wanna be true - i’d like to see you dying 1000 deaths in 1000 ways!
there’s no justification for the amount of hate i feel
my emotions can’t be kept back any longer - die 1000 deaths in 1000 ways!
it’s too late now, been waiting for too long, fury builds up, i feel it’s no wrong
the time is here to …

veil of oblivion

the roots to the future, in our past they’re anchored
learn from history and don’t repeat the same mistakes again

sounds pretty easy, eh?
but if you ask me, phenomena like the ‘autopartei’ (the ‘automobilist’s party’, a swiss ‘political’ party), neo fascist organisations, fundamentalist trends and fear of a multicultural society (a.k.a. xenophobia) are all parts of a giant web of ignorance, a veil of oblivion we are trying to keep in front of our eyes, because it’s easier to be lead by some rotten morons than to think for ourselves. and that’s exactly the way that leads us directly to a condition even worse than what we have now (though that’s almost impossible to imagine)

ripping apart

ha, wie sein körper doch zuckte, als ich ihn wegriss
als ich ihn von seinem hölzernen kreuze wegriss
wie lustig die hände von den dicken nägeln abgerissen wurden
wie fröhlich das blut den boden tränkte
wie sein ausgemergelter körper zuckte und sich zusammenzog
als ich ihn in den arsch fickte und auf ihn eindrosch
und als wir dann beide zum selben augenblick kamen
da rief er: “oh vater, lass mich einer von ihnen sein!”
das bemerkenswerte an dieser geschichte ist
dass ich für diesen text nicht einmal in der hölle braten werde
weil die hölle tief drinnen in mir selber ist

i'm positive

when I walk the streets, people point at me
their kids, they don’t play with mine
because i’m positive, positive, aids positive
help me, i’m positive, oh help me
got the virus in me now and forever
people don’t touch me, i welcome my end!

kill miss millie

kill miss millie and everything she stands for
rich bastards living off the exploitation of poor black slaves in the “land of the free”
not so long ago
so eccentric and off the wall - kill miss millie and everything she stands for!

proud on your pride

you’re proud to be american - fuck off!
you’re proud to be straight edge - you suck!
you’re proud to be aware - you’re not!
you’re proud to be young - you’re sick!
you’re proud to be in a scene - stupid fuck!
you’re proud to be hardcore - asshole!
proud on things you did not do - wake up!
i’m sure you’re even proud - on your pride!


running through the barricades, no place for you to hide
running through the barricades, tonight i’m gonna ride (the wings of death)

what i see

is bloody misery

7 up

7 up (7 x)
blown into the sky
7 people died
nice propaganda material

fool's prayer

thank you god for the dinner, oh how senseless life would be
in hell’s fire i’d burn like a sinner, thank you lord for making me see!
i’m so confused, not very strong, i’ll do whatever you say
not to evil - to you i belong! feeling so secure.
love is what you pray, that’s what i heard them say, so i thank you sweet jesus for the lunch
i eat your body, your blood i drink! your light right in my face you punch
beautiful religion, i thank thee too. for making my daddy hit me black and blue

(early version of ‘world under my fingernail’)

going down in a sea of bodies

i dream, i live in a big city
step out of my house door
see that gigantic wave of flesh getting closer
now, i’m going down in a sea of bodies

glimmer of hope

what was is over, what is, is what counts
process of awakening, living means learning
my captured mind is bursting its chains
understanding what is happening around me
used to escape in a galaxy of illusions
worthless values, but sooner or later the walls had to crumble apart
take a look, do we have so little problems that we can push them aside day by day
to protect our weak and simple mind from thinking and caring too much - too much?
don’t live your life in such a lifeless way
there’s a world out there demanding your help

perpetual motion machine

violence to fight violence and high-tech arms to keep the peace
but sooner or later, they’ll do it again
even if it’s only to keep the machine running

permanent struggle

what a life this must be
being in an endless fight with yourself
making no decisions
just thinking in circles

a way out

nobody speaks for you, even if they pretend to do!
parliamentary democracy - the way it shouldn’t be!

in sight

the end is still in sight


ooh I can feel it, it burns like hell. i want to escape it, no one i can tell
walls, walls - thick and high. massive pain - wanna die
a face of rubber - all out I cry
my master i hear, he comes. his keys i hear, doors open
on the ground i crawl, he wants. it hurts so badly, bones are broken
walls, walls, wire, wire. doors, doors, walls, walls

‘als gregor samsa eines morgens (…) erwachte, fand er sich in seinem bett zu einem ungeheuren ungeheuer verwandelt’ (franz kafka, die verwandlung)

born blind

it’s like a vicious circle - infinite
when is the hide & seek behind sleazy pseudo-arguments gonna reach its long overdue end?
will it make our future look brighter?
thermonuclear energy, not only useless, it even makes us living on a ticking bomb
wrong incident at the wrong time and your days will soon be over - and mine as well
lifeless for generations over generations, black dust where cities once stood
deformed people asking, who’s to blame? and cursing their inborn blindness

mass murderer

could be you, could be me - another maniac on a killing spree
who’s to blame for this and who pays the fee - it could be you, it could be me

the look behind the veils

i want you to be my object
object of desire, object of hate, object of me
take a look into my world and you’ll feel free objects gathered en masse
they form a subject

circle a

put that circle A
on your car
on your skateboard
on your hands
on your pants
up your ass!

You Cant Reason With Logic by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen

(c) 2004 G.X. Jupitter-Larsen (included in the booklet to ‘the end of the fear of god’ CD)

Then his head just exploded. Just like that. Without
any warning.

One moment he was talking to a few friends, the next,
spontaneous combustion.

The gentleman in question had but one burning passion
in life. A desire for counting sand, one grain at a
time. He would bring home a bag of the stuff from the
beach, dump it out on his desk and count each little
fragmented particle. It would usually take all day.

The largest number he ever counted was 19,003. The
least, 4,898. An associate of his who kept up an
on-going chart said the average number was 15,064.

Typically thoughts are every bit as tangible as any
physical thing. Mainly, there are two reasons for

The first reason being, that those things which are
ethereal are really just a specific kind of wave
function. Things which are physical are just a
different kind of wave function; but still a wave
function. Different only in velocity.

Because that of the abstract, and that of the physical
are both equally real, it is the structure of
understanding which is the agenda of debate.

The act of how something is explained is the manner in
which one gets accuracy through aesthetics. Debate is
that specific event in which, the how in which
something is explained, will be performed. Both that
which is said and that which is not said being equal
parts of the same algorithm. The efficiency or
practicality of the explanation is completely
dependent on the personal aesthetics involved in any
given debate.

The gentleman who’s head exploded was talking with his
three closest friends. The one thing they all had in
common was an aesthetic compulsion for dividing
effectual calamities. Actually, it was at the point,
when his head blew up, that one of his colleagues
calmly asked the statement: “I don’t believe in any
god myself you understand, but have you ever
noticed how those who believe in many gods have a
tendency to be much more tolerant and open-minded than
those who only believe in a single god?”

The inherent failure of monotheism is that it can only
function when there is complete unanimity in all
aspects of the belief system. Any deviation of any
detail, no matter how slight, will ultimately lead to
unavoidable conflict between fellow believers.

“Well I know what you mean…” said another. “When you
only believe in a single god you have to believe
there’s only one single answer to any question. The
one-true-way and all that. But when you believe in
many gods you must acknowledge the possibility of
there being many answers to any single question.
Because if the first god wasn’t much help, you can
always go and appeal for assistance from some other

True devotees of the single god idea must keep coming
up with new excuses why the square peg wont fit the
round hole.

“That’s not the half of it!” shouted the third.
“Belief in a single god inevitably leads to worship,
and worshiping a single god, regardless how much love
and understanding made up that belief in the first
place, irrevocably makes that believer both blindly
intolerant and hateful of anything that does not
conform to their narrow definition of existence.”

Monotheism by definition is highly conflictional. It
can not coexist with other belief systems. This is
regardless of similarity, as different names for the
same god only brings about mistrust. “If you ask me,
people who worship are a social menace!”

“Here, here!” they all resounded.

It was then actually, when things finally settled down
a bit, that someone mentioned something about a head
exploding or some such thing. The three remaining
friends however got side-tracked yet again; and they
all remembered that it was an organism’s metabolism
that was relative, not time.

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